Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Who is behind this?​​
We are engineers, designers, event mangers, and students from Dartmouth, Princeton, Delhi University, and IITs, who aim to introduce cutting-edge innovation across India.
  • Are drones legal in India?
YES! The Aviation Authority and DGCA revised the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and Drones Policy first in December 2018, and then August 2019, after which drones have been permitted in the Indian Airspace after required approvals: beginning January 2020. We have received our permissions for our 'Micro' category of swarm drones, and we will be ready for showtime soon!
  • What is SPH/Drone Show Software/ Riga?
Riga is the Capital of Latvia, which is where our software is outsourced from- SPH Engineering. We use the "Drones Show Software", which is the best in the world for designing your quality shows. We're the first to Introduce Premium shows in India, brought to you all the way from Europe!
  • Will you negotiate for pricing my show?
We love what we do, and will happily negotiate a suitable budget as per your needs for your event! Just fill this Contact form to let us know about your demands, and we'll be in touch shortly.